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Halloween: A Time for Exchanging Curses

Halloween: a holiday filled with ghosts, monsters and demented friends. Last year I went all out, adorned my place with ghoulish décor and had a big party with lots of friends and enough noise to drive my neighbors batty. This year I decided to give the neighbors and myself a rest.IMG_0465

Since I wasn’t using all of the decorations I purchased, NC wanted to know if she could borrow them to create her own haunted party. We had a pumpkin-carving contest. Tali and Jeff won with their werewolf, but basically they cheated since Jeff does makeup for horror movies.

When NC returned my plastic crate of Halloween decorations, she said I might as well stuff it in my living room closet, since I recently cleaned it out and now had extra space. Normally, I keep the decorations in a storage cabinet in the garage. Being a suspicious soul, I had to wonder why NC would suggest that I keep the crate in the living room closet. Why would she care where I put it? So, as I was putting the crate away (in the garage), I opened it up, dug through it, and guess what I found. That’s right, the evil nutcracker. Now NC, the devious little brat, thinks she’s pawned her bad luck off onto me. Since she’s too lazy to even read this blog, she’ll never know that I found it. What do you think, should I tell her?IMG_0512


  1. Anonymous

    i think you should re-gift it to her for Christmas !!!

  2. joebright

    Brilliant idea!

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