a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore

Welcome to my personal blog where you will learn nothing personal about me. Well, almost nothing, other than this small blurb and the one in the About Me section.

In my youth, as a fan of strange and morbid tales, I spend far too much time probing the dark and macabre. It’s an unhealthy obsession–or so my therapist claims. It started innocently when I was a child, with deviant drawings, and then moved into melancholy melodies as I learned the guitar and tried my hand at songwriting. As an adult, I worked as a technical writer and English professor. These careers led me down the grim path of story telling, starting first with poetry and short stories, and ultimately, leading to the dreaded novel.

Along the way, I left my home state of Wyoming, traveled the world, lived in Honolulu, San Francisco, and Berkeley, before settling in Los Angeles, where I drifted into hermitage as I became consumed by the dark arts of writing. Periodically, I allow myself to wonder out into the light and mingle with other members of my species. But the world at large is not my natural habitat; thus, you can always visit me here or at joebrightbooks.com.